Thursday, March 21, 2013

Pretty up those blocks!!

Day 12!! This one took some TIME...But, The outcome is very cute!! I bought blocks when I was pregnant, for this photo....
A close freind helped me carefully balance them on my belly...a few times because I was laughing...and then, I put the blocks away and they have not been seen since!
UNTIL, I saw somehting on pinterest!!! BLOCKS that were redone! I quickly set to work..I gathered my supplies (blocks, paint, paper, modge podge and paint brushes. 
Then, I began to paint the basic colors into pretty, girly colors...This was extreemly time consuming and I did end up with some paint on the wood on a few blocks :(
After all the bocks were painted, I modged pogded scrapbook paper to ALL the blocks...this took FOREVER, be sure to put modge modge first on the block, then the paper, and then another layer of modhe podge to seal it.
Here is the finished product....
I am happy with the outcome..for playing with, some of them do have wrinkles and smeared paint (whoopsie!) so I would not give them as a gift..but they are cute enough for my little one to play with at home!

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