Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Letter Learning

Addie has been very into letters and "reading" lately. She often grabs a book and pretends to read, or say letters she knows the names of, so, I figured if she has an interest... I am happy to fuel it! So, we started some "pre-school" this is merrily a 20 minute time (even that is a stretch for such a busy bee) where we sit at the table and do letter, number or shape flash cards, read a book, sing a silly song, and do a coloring page or craft. This week we did flashcards for letters A-E, and introduced number 1, and triangles. I am happy to report that after 3 days of "Pee-Skooo" she can identify the letter A, and will happily repeat the letters we have introduced thus far. What a smart little cookie!

Running a glue stick was her favorite new thing this week I would say...but she is always so proud of her big girl papers to show Daddy when he comes home from work. I was impressed with the amount of stuff on Pinterest for "2 year old pre-school" I am looking forward to fall and winter theme activities! Next week we will focus on the letter B.

Monday, September 15, 2014

A menu plan!!

A menu board! I am pretty excited about this project! It was very simple (and less than $10!) I started with a trip to a local craft store for kitchen themed paper/stickers/embellishments. I wanted something primitive to fit my d├ęcor, and was thrilled with the teal barn wood and jars! I made my display, added the letter stickers for the days of the week and then slipped it in a frame. The glass makes a perfect dry-erase board! This way I can use it over and over, and I can add meals easily, and erase them as I use them!! Even my hubby will appreciate this one..as by Wednesday I can usually not remember what I had that chicken for...

**I did make a menu board before, but it was a magnetic one, with slips of paper on a little slot with each meal on it...I felt that it got old writing out new recipes as I wanted to try them...only to throw them out because the recipe was a flop! I feel that this will be new an improved.