Sunday, November 30, 2014

Bedtime Book Advent

Yesterday I shared our Christmas activity countdown...but we have another one that we have been doing for 3 years now as well. I wrapped 25 Christmas books (I found them on clearance after Christmas, at goodwill, and purchased quite a few must haves (like frosty, Rudolph, the Grinch, etc) on amazon or eBay. A couple of them I have replaced (this year we added a Fancy Nancy book because Addie loves her fun story's) I like to switch out one or two books each ear to keep it fresh and exciting.
I wrapped each book (and yes, the book we read in the evening DOES correspond with the activity we did that day (I am OCD like that) so on the day we watch the Grinch and make who-vile cookies, we will read the Grinch before bed. This book will be read in addition to whatever bedtime story picks out each evening. There is something utterly wonderful about a freshly bathed toddler all cozy in pajamas cuddled in my lap as we read a story before bed, and I plan to hang on to that as long as I possibly can. plus..she's FAR to busy to let me hold her during the day .
Here are our books...I wrapped them in craft paper and numbered them, according to what days I want to read them.
Tonight we will be reading our first book..snow bears Christmas countdown, and guess what? Snow bear does something everyday to get ready for Christmas. Imagine that!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Only 26 days until Christmas!

26 more days until Christmas, Now...I do NOT think that Christmas celebrations should be confined to Christmas day, in fact...I am a firm believer in that celebrating Jesus should be a lifestyle rather than a holiday, but there is just something magical about Christmas, a time when everyone is to "spread holiday cheer" and everything twinkles in red and green. A time when children are encouraged to be innocent. I love everything about Christmas, I really enjoy shopping and choosing gifts for friends and family, wrapping, Christmas music, baking, Christmas lights and the peculiar way everything smells like cinnamon....yes, I am one of those obnoxious people snap chatting everyone I know from the Christmas isles in October because I am THRILLED to see the Christmas items out!
This year..I have been given the most amazing blessing...a toddler to share my love of Christmas with!! To my daughter, Christmas is just another day, at 2 she doesn't remember last year, but she's very aware that something special is going on. I want her to enjoy the whole Christmas season, and not just anticipate the December 25th present opening fest. I want her to know and understand why we celebrate Christmas. I want her memories from Christmas to be more than opening gifts. So, I put my craftiness together with some pinterest searching and I have come up with the perfect thing!!! A COUNTDOWN (I know, original right?!)  Let me tell you more (I know I am long winded today,there are pictures coming for visual learners!)
Here is what I made:

 I used a cheap poster frame from wal-mart and spray painted the "plastic insert glass substitute thingy" burgundy. Then I printed the chalkboard pockets HERE, put them together and glued them on my board. I was lucky enough to score the black tags at Groves Office Supply (a local store with scrapbooking and office supplies) to place in my pockets and I added bakers twine to each one of them to make it a tad more festive.
Each card has an activity on it that's related to Christmas, some are simple like "color a Christmas picture (I printed some freebies from pinterest), make a gingerbread house, bake cookies with mommy, go look at Christmas lights, have a picnic lunch by the Christmas tree, make Jesus a birthday cake, etc. This not necessarily to show how many days until Christmas, but a fun way to create lasting memories with Addie this season...and the best part? I can re-use it next year!! I will be sure to share our fun projects with you!

Friday, November 28, 2014


When we were house hunting I said I wanted a fire place...Jeremy (the voice of reason) said that was not going to be the deciding factor in a house purchase. But....we DID find a house we both really liked, and guess what?! IT HAS A FIRE PLACE. I scowered pinterest for a long time (before we even closed on said house) looking for the perfect Christmas arrangement. After a long time, I found the PERFECT one, a rustic elegant one...but the sign I wanted was $99.99...and I could swear I heard the checkbook snicker. So I knew if I wanted to create a similar look I would need to DIY it.
 I started with the source I always do, my Gram...she is the craftiest woman I know, and seems to have one of everything at her house.

 Luckily she has a shed full of old barn wood, so I went o get the perfect piece. My hubby cut it in half for me and then made it one big sign. I found a quote online that I loved, and then a silhouette of wise men. I just googled them and browsed until I found what I was looking for. I printed them out and cut out the letters with a utility knife.

After I made my stencil I painted it (its a little more smugy than the $99.99 version) but that's a price I am willing to pay. I then had hubby drill holes for lights and stuck them in to look like stars.

Anywho....HERE IT IS!! All done, It looks cute during the day,

but it comes alive at night!


Jingle Jingle!

I am obsessed with barn wood lately, I love the rustic look, its easy to make look awesome...and, its a major bonus that my Grammy has a rather large supply ;)
This project cost me a total of about $6!

I snagged a barn board last time I went to visit my gram (she happily gave it to me) and then I grabbed stencils and paint at Wal-Mart (I had the homespun fabric and rusty bells in my own stash)

Here is the fished project!! It looks awfully cute on our porch if I do say so myself!