Tuesday, January 1, 2013

WELCOME 2013!!
Today, is Jnauary 1, 2013. I am sitting in front of my computer with no fabulous recipies, craft ideas or "mommy tips" just in disbeief. I can't wrap my mind around how FAST my life is going. Here I am, married to my best friend, and a new mommy. I am loving my life, but each day I wake up and wonder why it must go so fast..sometimes I would just like to hit the pause button and take it all in. I got a message from a very close friend about news resolutions and what hers were. I was totally inspired by her resolutions and the idea that she is humble enough to see she has areas in her life that need work. ..here is her list...
1. Be more like Jesus. Be an example. Learn his word and live it.
2. Get my body to not be embarrassing. Something I can feel comfortable in. My body is a temple of the Lord’s. Keep it that way.
3. Get a summer job within my major to expand my resume while earning money to stock away for a wedding/gas/savings.
4. Keep decent grades.
5. Make a new friend
6. Join a club (church club/sewing club?) or invest more time in a hobby to get better at it.
7. READ at least 20 books.
8. Do something memorable this summer. Plan it and achieve it!
9. Dedicate time to (her b/f) and make him feel loved. Think less of me and more of him!
10. Don’t give into my surroundings at college. It’s just 18 months. Keep it in perspective. Enjoy the time while I’m there because I won’t get a redo.
11. Stay organized. Easier said than done.
12. Stop judging, and if I do, don’t make it obvious. Be nice to those idiot girls and scumbag men.
13. Don’t squander money. Maybe this should be #2.
Like I said, I was absolutely inspired by her raw honesty and that these resolutions are so much deeper and thought out than "loose weight" or "get rich". She then asked what mine were..I had honestly not given them any thought becuase..I figured I will not keep them anyway (who really does). But as I thought about her message during midnight diaper changes and cooking dinner, I began to realize that new years resolutions are a wonderful way to start the year. To improve on who you are as a person. So, after some soul searching of my own..I decided to make a list.
1.) Take NOTHING for granted.
2.) Be slow(er) to anger
3.) Be a better housewife, make an effort each day to keep the house looking like a house rather than the aftermath of a cyclone.....and make sure Jer always has clean socks!!
4.) Be a more submissive wife...I struggle with this.
5.) Be compassionate, help others when I can, and on the flip side...do not be to proud to accept help when I need it.
6.) Radiate love to my husband, let him know that HE is my #1. Always.
7.) Continue to grow my business.
8.) Be HEALTHY, stop comparing myself to the models and celeberities. Focus on being a healthy ME.
9.) Be a good momma, Enjoy every minute as my baby girl grows, teach her what is truly important in life.
10.) Do at least one random act of kindness each month.