Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Christmas Countdown

YEP! I am counting down already..don't get me wrong I REALLY enjoy all holidays but Christmas is absolutely my favorite. I love the exctement of wrapping and giving gifts, I love all the lights, the festivities such as baking, parties and shopping. I love that stores play Christmas music....I am the crazy person that when the Christmas items come out in Novemeber...I don't mind a bit!! I love everything about the Christmas season and so therefore, here I am...4 days before Easter...completeing a Christmas pin!! This was super simple its a cookie sheet from the dollar tree and some scrapbooking supplies! TAA DAA!! A Christmas countdown, I think it will be great in my kitchen this year! I want my house to oooze Christmas, my hubby says thats wonderful but I HAVE to wait until the turkey is cold to start celebrating, last year I decorated the house on November 15th (My birthday) we will see how long I make it this year!!

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