Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Princess, with a storage Plan!

Well, we are mid February..so I am beginning to Christmas shop! Basically this early I am just starting to save money, and compile a list of what I want to look for when I am shopping. My daughter will be 2 1/2 at Christmas this year, and she LOVES to put on anything....and I mean ANYTHING pretty. (She is not ashamed to grab mommy's pretty (clean) undies as a necklace) ...I of course quickly take them away and give her something slightly more appropriate in case the mail man brings us a package. Again. Anywho..because of this obsession of hers, I decided dress up clothes would be a perfect Christmas gift for her!! I always check clearance racks, and after Halloween I plan to grab a couple clearance princess dresses. But, then comes the STORAGE hurdle. I found a million ideas on Pinterest where you transform an old dresser into a gorgeous standing "closet" but...we are already crowded in with all her toys, so I needed something slightly..less. SO!!!! I went to Wal-Mart, and grabbed myself a good 'ol tote. Now I know, This is hardly fit for a princess. So I scowered the store for something to decorate it. I settled on wall decals! They are cute...and were on clearance! TAA DAA!!! A dress up storage tote fir for a Princess!
Here it is!!
Yes...I did decorate the bottom of the tote, and you will only see it when its empty...but, that castle was to cute not to use! And...I am sure it will spend lots of time empty...with all the dress up clothes strewn around my living room!!