Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter Eggs..or...Easter Globs!! ..YUMMY!!

I know, I know...I am slacking!! This is yesterdays Pin, I started it yesterday, THEN realized it was a 2 day project so here is yesterdays...todays will follow. Anyway. Its just a few days before Easter so..I decided to tackle and concour easter eggs. HAH!! It was an experiance..They taste WONDERFUL, but...they do not resemble an all. There was a wonderful tuditorial on how to make your own easte egg molds..but I dont have time for all that nonsence, when I decide I want something...that means I wanted it 5 minutes ago!

 8oz cream cheese
1 cup peanut butter
1lbs powder sugar
1tsp vanilla
Mix togetherm form egg shape (or use a cookie scoop and hope for the best!!
Chill in fridge overnight, cover in melted chocolate, chill until chocolate is hard, ENJOY!!

My Hubbay says these are really rich..make them small...just eat one...blah blah blah, I could eat 6 and if I had a much higher metabolism..I would do just that!

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