Friday, November 28, 2014


When we were house hunting I said I wanted a fire place...Jeremy (the voice of reason) said that was not going to be the deciding factor in a house purchase. But....we DID find a house we both really liked, and guess what?! IT HAS A FIRE PLACE. I scowered pinterest for a long time (before we even closed on said house) looking for the perfect Christmas arrangement. After a long time, I found the PERFECT one, a rustic elegant one...but the sign I wanted was $99.99...and I could swear I heard the checkbook snicker. So I knew if I wanted to create a similar look I would need to DIY it.
 I started with the source I always do, my Gram...she is the craftiest woman I know, and seems to have one of everything at her house.

 Luckily she has a shed full of old barn wood, so I went o get the perfect piece. My hubby cut it in half for me and then made it one big sign. I found a quote online that I loved, and then a silhouette of wise men. I just googled them and browsed until I found what I was looking for. I printed them out and cut out the letters with a utility knife.

After I made my stencil I painted it (its a little more smugy than the $99.99 version) but that's a price I am willing to pay. I then had hubby drill holes for lights and stuck them in to look like stars.

Anywho....HERE IT IS!! All done, It looks cute during the day,

but it comes alive at night!


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