Sunday, November 30, 2014

Bedtime Book Advent

Yesterday I shared our Christmas activity countdown...but we have another one that we have been doing for 3 years now as well. I wrapped 25 Christmas books (I found them on clearance after Christmas, at goodwill, and purchased quite a few must haves (like frosty, Rudolph, the Grinch, etc) on amazon or eBay. A couple of them I have replaced (this year we added a Fancy Nancy book because Addie loves her fun story's) I like to switch out one or two books each ear to keep it fresh and exciting.
I wrapped each book (and yes, the book we read in the evening DOES correspond with the activity we did that day (I am OCD like that) so on the day we watch the Grinch and make who-vile cookies, we will read the Grinch before bed. This book will be read in addition to whatever bedtime story picks out each evening. There is something utterly wonderful about a freshly bathed toddler all cozy in pajamas cuddled in my lap as we read a story before bed, and I plan to hang on to that as long as I possibly can. plus..she's FAR to busy to let me hold her during the day .
Here are our books...I wrapped them in craft paper and numbered them, according to what days I want to read them.
Tonight we will be reading our first book..snow bears Christmas countdown, and guess what? Snow bear does something everyday to get ready for Christmas. Imagine that!

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