Monday, July 8, 2013

First Birthday...DIY version

I figured I would share how my daughters first birthday turned out with you all, because I did post some preparations...but never the final turn-out. Here it is! She had her very own chair (complete with banner, balloons, pin and her bib! This was a simple set-up, but made her area look special.
The cupcake table! I ordered the banner, the cupcake stands were cheapies from Wal-Mart that I decked out with some ribbon!

Food table (Buffalo chicken dip, brown sugar smokies, chips, lemonade) The banner is the one I made, I had great plans for this table...but in a mad rush, just the basics got done, and guess what?? No one cared that I didn't go ALL OUT, they were more interested in the food ;)

Gift table, super simple set-up...the "back drop" is just plastic table clothes and streamers. I did bring her scrapbook. It contains everything from the first pregnancy test to her 11th month (12 month is its OWN book...way to many photos to cram into a scrapbook page or two!

and....her cupcake 'guest book" turned out really cute I think! :)


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