Friday, November 23, 2012

The turkey is cold, let the Christmas season...begin!!

I love crafting, scrapbooking and making things so I set out to make a few items for Christmas (I have more crafty things on my to-do list than I am will ever get to I am sure) but I did cross two off this week. The first I did was a "melted snowman ornament" I took a trip to a craft store on my birthday to get some supplies...I got a box of glass ornaments, (set of 6) diamond dust, clay (oarnge and black) and peppercorns.

I poured the diamond dust in first, added a few peppercorns, shaped a top hat and nose, and then I went outside for some small twigs. When they were finished I tied some country ribbon on them to match the rest of the decor on my tree and vola!  ** diamond dust is very sparkly and looks great, but it was pricey so I added table salt as well to fill the ornament as full as I wanted, but once it was mixed together you cant tell.

The second was a super quick project I did is for my dad (I got him a real gift as well) but It does not matter when or how many times I ask him what he wants for Christmas he ALWAYS says, "Nuthin'" so..when I saw this on Pinterest, I knew I had to make him one. I dug out a jar from the mound of "junk" I have saved, (just in case I find a craft project) typed and printed what I wanted it to say, cut it down to the right size and modge podged it on! I am gonna stick a bow on top and give it to him. My dad will find this just as clever as I do I am sure. ;)


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