Thursday, October 11, 2012

My first couple pinterest projects were for my husband, we bought the book "The 5 Love Languages" By: Gary Chapman, read through it and took the quiz in the back. I always assumed that my husband knew he was loved (and he does) but it turns out...I was loving him the "wrong" way. My love language is "quality time" so I would constantly be planning movie nights, dates and surprise him at work just to say hello. He apprciated these things but they werent what he NEEDED from me. His love lanquage is, "Words of Affirmation" so, he needs to be told how much I appriciate all the things he does for me. So, I set to work on a project that would keep on giving. The first, was fairy simple to make, its an 8x10 picture frame I used to put scrapbook paper and letters in that works as a dry erase board:

I keep a dry erase marker with it, and change it everyday so that he knows how much I apprciate the little things he does...without being mushy!
The second prject was also a pinterest treasure...this one took a deck of cards, address lables and modge podge and TAA DAA!! A little book of love. I made this as his birthday card and he had that little smirk (you know the one that says, "I love this, but I am a man and will not get emotional) as he fliped through it and read each one.

 Each card has a different reason that I love him, some are thoughtful, some are inside jokes, and some he probably didn't even know I noticed. But, they are all true. :)


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