Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Doll Closet

Today's project is a Pinterest Inspiration, a close friend of mine messaged me to show me a doll closet she saw and I instantly fell in love. Adalyn has been asking for a "big girl doll" for a year or so and thanks to my receipt pal app I earned a gift card to target, I redeemed it for an 18 in doll and Vola now I have one stashed away for Christmas! She of course goes through the American Girl catalogs that come and wants everything from the matching outfits to the horse and stable. So, I figure some of those things we will find affordable versions of...and some her crafty momma with DIY. She is in the stage right now where I am pretty much the coolest lady she knows, and she loves it when I make her things (win-win!) How often can you really MAKE someone a Christmas gift and they will truly love it? Today was the day, after my husband went to work at 0'dark thirty, I stayed up and set to work. I pulled out a wooden crate, a quarter yard of fabric, ribbon, paint, and dial rod.
I first painted the crate, then fabric-fuzed up some little curtains (because sewing....I do not, that's my momma's department) I cut the dial rod to the right length and wood glued that in there and I even made some ADORABLE teeny little hangers from craft sticks and cup hooks to hang those itty bitty clothes up! Then I jazzed up a cheap-o mirror with ribbon and rhinestone mesh and attached it  to the side.

The only thing I think I will add is a small storage bin in the bottom for shoes/hats and other accessories that cannot be hung. I am pretty thrilled with how it turned out, and I think she will enjoy it!

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