Thursday, October 27, 2016

Cheese Dome Obsession

I am over here still trying to achieve the Joanna Gaines Farmhouse look on a budget, so of course I have been pinning and creating! I shop at goodwill a good bit...OK, a lot (they know my daughters name) for items I can re-create into something new. This is great for my budget and also a good stress release for me. One exceptionally fun idea I stumbled on was using a cake stand as a decoration, the possibilities were endless! Now, my cake stand is glass...very pretty but not very "farmhouse" looking. So, you can guess where I went...goodwill! (I think they should pay me to advertise for them) It took me a few visits to find what I was looking for. but I knew it when I saw it. I chose this saucer, candle stick, and cheese dome lid, there wasn't a bottom with it, so just the lid was a bargain!

I went with my go-to glue for projects like this (e600) and a can of teal spray paint. It took three coats to get it good and even. I am more than thrilled with the outcome! I will be able to change this seasonally! For Christmas I chose this sweet little truck with a bottle brush tree on the back! Simple, adorable and affordable!

Now, a normal person may have stopped there, but I was shopping one evening with my daughter and found yet another cheese dome! This one had the bottom still and it was priced at 1.99..PLUS that 1.99 tag happened to be green witch made it 50% I snagged it! I also grabbed a hideous old cabin looking house. (I didn't get a before pic of that but I assure you the ONLY cute thing about it was the size) The house I sprayed white and used modge podge to "paint" where snow would naturally collect, then sprinkled that with white glitter. Then I sat the house, and some artificial snow inside my new cheese dome, I will add some bottle brush trees and whatever other little village items I come across to for winter. Now, I *should* take these Christmas things downstairs for a few more weeks since its still October, but I love them so much I think I will just leave them up...don't you judge me.

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