Monday, October 13, 2014

Getting yourself a discounted Christmas!!

Have you ever heard of it!? Well, let me fill you in. I really...really enjoy shopping, but part of the fun (at least for me) is getting a good deal..or better, getting something free. I LOVE when JCpenny sends me 10 off 10 coupons  (they don't usually make a dime off me with those). My favorite challenge is CHRISTMAS (witch is fast approaching) I shop all year, and I like to look for the best of deals. Last year I scored a FREE little people princess castle by signing up for an amazon card..used the cash back..and cancelled the card. I also take advantage of coupons during sales. This party works for me so well because my daughter is 2 and is mostly interested in the shiny paper and whatever she gets..she's happy with. :) I also shop off seasons., I scower the clearance racks AFTER Christmas for stocking stuffers, wrapping paper, gift tags, boxes, bags etc. It is October and my daughters Christmas is DONE, wrapped and ready to go. Along with my niece, nephew, sister, and  best friend. This leaves me much more relaxed and I can genuinely enjoy my favorite holiday. Anywho..I said all the hoopla to tell you...I FOUND EBATES.
You make an account (here is the link)

You use it kind of like a search if you are wanting to spend $50.00 at go to, type in Gymboree and a list will come up (AND THEY GIVE COUPON CODES...a win win for me!) you click on the store you want....and then shop as normal. BUT!!! ebates gives you a percentage back for purchasing through them! Typically its more than 5% BUT it can add up if you are an online shopper like myself and they REALLY do send you a paper, cashable check!

Try it out!!

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