Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Growing up, my family always opened one gift on Christmas Eve, While I do love this tradition, I wanted the "gift" to be special...New pj's? A special stuffed animal to sleep with? A Christmas Activity? These sorts of questions usually leave me perusing Pinterest for the perfect plan. I stumbled upon this GREAT idea! "The Christmas Eve Box" Our Family's box contains;
  New Christmas Pajamas
  An Ornament
  A Christmas Movie
  Hot Chocolate Mix
 "Movie Theater" Candy
You could certainly include anything in your box that's unique to your family, these are items I chose to include, I may include the "last" Christmas book in our Christmas book countdown as well. There are so many special ideas and variations you could do to make it your very own!
All in a festive box! I think as Addie gets older she will really look forward to this special box, it is a "gift" but it has a movie, and snacks, something to enjoy as a family as we await those final hours until Christmas morning!

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